Dominique Young Unique – Hype-Hype Gyal

If another person greets me by grabbing my forearm, and in hushed tones asking: ‘Erm, have you SEEN Dominique Young Unique yet???’ I’m going to gargle my luke warm latte in the unfortunate offending party’s face. For the past few weeks nearly every journo, scout, A&R, traffic warden etc I’ve come across has greeted me with a variation on this manoevre.

In Florida plastic friendship wrist bands have much less association with marose pubescent metal kids.

YES, I’ve ruddy seen her. YES, I’ve ducked and dodged her richocheting shrapnel-pinging verses. And YES, I’m aware of the fact she’s underground booty-bass’ best stab at a genuine popstar.

I’m so aware of all this I gave her a pride of place slot as our lead Radar feature in next week’s mag. Have a gander at that for the Tampa lass’first UK interview. It involves chocolate cake.

Here, as a bit of a treat, is the exclusive worldwide premiere of Dom’s new mixtape. Get stuck in:

Dominique Young Unique – Domination Mixtape