Donae’o – Still The Daddy

Anyone’s who’s ever showed even the most casual and cursory of glimpses at any of the UK urban underground dancefloor trends of the past ten years will have had a tough job in missing the name Donae’o

This is his single

He’s been ploughing his own silky smooth, Cava-clinking furrow, jumping aboard whichever craze snakes past his north west London doorstep- be it D&B, garage, grime, UK soul, etc etc etc.

So it was no huge surprise when on the back of UK funky’s meteoric ascent, that you-know-who should rocket to the forefront of the sound’s ratpack. My mate went to Nigeria the other week and said that he’s the only UK act to be getting rewinds in all the Lagos nightclubs, now that’s recognition!

He’s handed over an exclusive for your downloadable convenience.

Donae’o – ‘Watching her Move’