Ecca Vandal recruits Refused and Letlive members for totally wild ‘Price Of Living’

If you’re into absolutely banging, genre-bending, anthems for this generation – Australian artist Ecca Vandal is right up your street.

On ‘Broke Days, Party Nights’ she blends frenzied drums with her can-do attitude, and new single ‘Price of Living’ is more of the mad same – featuring Refused’s Dennis Lyxzén and Letlive’s Jason Aalon Butler. It’s massive. Take a listen at the video below and check out our quick chat with Vandal.


Talk us through the video concept of your recent song ‘Future Heroine’.

I co-directed the video for Future Heroine with the super talented Amy Dellar, of Indoor Fountains. She’s a killer cinematographer  and we wanted the visuals for this piece to link closely with the dark, visceral meaning of the song. Future Heroine is essentially about the death of a relationship, where addictions win and take priority over love, commitment, health and happiness. In the video I play the role of the persistent voice in my lovers head, from two very opposing perspectives. Almost playing on the goodie and baddie, the angel and the villain.

There’s so much energy in the album – is that a creative release for you?

Yes it certainly is a release of creativity and I feel grateful that I have an outlet to express myself. I feel songwriting is therapy for me too. It allows me to process some complex feelings and realisations about life in general.

But I actually draw a lot of energy from creating beats and heavy guitar based music that makes me wanna dance. That is usually the main goal for me – if I actually want to dance to it perhaps others will too!


You were handpicked by QOTSA to support them. What was that experience like? Did you hear from Josh much?

The experience was surreal! It was huge honour to open their show for them. I’ve been a massive fan for a really long time. Not only of QOTSA but have followed the individual side projects of some of their band members (eg: Jon Theodore is a freak and that ‘One Day As A Lion’ EP was pure gold). The whole band were incredibly warm and welcoming and I was blown away that they were watching my set on the first night, they each gave us some really rad feedback on the second night of tour.

Josh was super lovely and just damn inspiring.  I learnt a lot watching their whole production from side of stage. One night, we were side of stage with all our instruments out, all ready and waiting to do a soundcheck, and Queens hadn’t even soundchecked themselves and it was getting scarily close to the time to ‘open doors’. Josh walks out with his cane, compliments my set from the night before, and then proceeds to tap my drummer’s cymbals with his cane, smiles and says “There’s your fucking sound check.” I burst out laughing because it was brutally brilliant!  

Your music is ripe for collaboration – who’s you’re dream collaborator?

Oh man the list is endless! But I think I could narrowed it down to three. Zach de la Rocha would be one the ultimates. I think he’s one of the most powerful MC’s of all time. Bjork, for her broad and boundless creative mind, and and Thom Yorke for his stunning melodies and concept of harmonic structure and groove.

Ecca Vandal’s debut album ‘Ecca Vandal’ is out on October 20

Catch Ecca Vandal live supporting Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

o2 Academy bristol (Dec 1)
o2 Institue, Birmingham (Dec 2)
Ritz, Manchester (Dec 3)
ABC, Glasgow (Dec 5)
Rock City Nottingham (Dec 7)
London Brixton Academy, London (Dec 8)