Erland And The Carnival – Straight Outta Orkney

The Orkney Isles are a strange place. This is the kind of thing they do to pass the time:

An archipelago off the coast of northern Scotland, it’s cut-off from much modern humdrum and rich in folklore and tradition, notably about tales of the Trow, Orkney’s very own special breed of mischievous troll.

It’s also the home of Gawain Erland Cooper, singer in Erland And The Carnival. Instead of scrambling over crumpling piles of his mates in the street in an attempt to snatch an old leather ball thrown by an old lady, he got in touch with Simon Tong (of The Verve and that best forgotten period of sans Graham Blur) and started making strung-out Sixties psych-pop interpretations of traditional Scottish folk songs.

Here’s them ‘jammin’ it out’ in Damon Albarn’s Studio 13, where they did their forthcoming album (out soon on Full Time Hobby)

They also wrote some of their own tunes, here’s one to download it’s called, ‘My Name Is Carnival’ (click the track name to download).