Exclusive Album Stream – His Clancyness, ‘Vicious’

Where His Clancyness (aka Canadian musician Jonathan Clancy) used to revel in soft, dreamy pop, for his debut album he’s scratching away at niceness to leave something grittier. It’s fitting for a record called ‘Vicious’, 12 tracks with more bite than his blog-acclaimed psych-pop hinted at, and one who’s final track title holds the key to this change – ‘Progress’. Clancy describes the album as “sassy, dreamy glam rock’n’roll”, whilst putting the aggressiveness of the title down to a want to be vicious but only being able to do so on record. It’s that mix of dreamlike and nastiness that characterise the album, a surreal, twisted escapism presented in the weird, enveloping battle of ‘Vicious’.