Exclusive EP Stream – Loom, ‘Lice’

Did you know there are over 3,000 species of louse? Depending on type, the wingless insects either suck or chew on blood, skin and pus to get their fill. Obstinate, gross and direct, you’ve got to admire them. Loom’s blistering new EP is called ‘Lice’ and it’ll suck the blood from your brain and command your total attention. The five tracks include new single ‘Lice’, versions of ‘I Get A Taste’, ‘Acid King City’, ‘Salt’ and a cover of early 90s noise band The Jesus Lizard’s pleasingly disorientating ‘Seasick’. It’s a furious riot elevated by gorgeous key changes and cadences that soothe its sonic thwack.

Loom are playing in the the UK over the next couple of weeks and you can get the EP through Hate Hate Hate Records and iTunes.