Fat White Family – ‘Touch The Leather’

Ten reasons why the Fat White Family’s gig at The Queens Head on Saturday night was one of the best I’ve seen in years:

1. The chaos. I’ve got this theory that FWF have become so adept at playing Brixton’s Queens Head pub – a place that’s effectively useless as a live venue but absolutely full of character (I’m sure there’s a bar dog there that walks around carrying a pack of fags in its mouth for the more discerning punter to buy) – that when they’re faced with playing somewhere proper, like the 100 Club or Lexington, it throws them. This is because they thrive on things going wrong. They thrive on the stage being almost non-existent, and on the audience being within spitting/snogging distance. They thrive on chaos, and Saturday was the best example of this yet.

2. The way their second song of the night, ‘Is It Raining In Your Mouth?’ – sped up and given a Buzzcocks sleaziness compared to the Fall drawl of the record – greeted us like an old friend, much to the delight of the entire band who even managed a bit of a smile when everyone in the crowd started losing their shit at the “five sweaty fingers” refrain.

3. The people standing on the bar to get a better view.

4. The people standing on the amps to get a better view.

5. The people who carried frontman Lias on the slowest crowdsurf ever, until he was held in the same place for about 30 seconds doing his Christ-on-the-crucifix pose.

6. The guy who accidentally had his teeth knocked out after going completely nuts in the middle of the pogoing mass (are you ok?).

7. The various members of south London’s finest who all looked like they’d been given a kick up the arse following FWF’s performance (King Krule, Childhood, Palmas, Arthur Beatrice and various Jamie T bandmates were among those in attendance).

8. Jerkcurb, who opened the night and was pretty damn great despite being about 15-years-old.

9. All the music industry people who had to queue up with everyone else because there was no guestlist.

10. The 1975. They were playing up the road at O2 Academy Brixton, and everyone present seemed to be united in their hatred for them. Line. In. Sand. Drawn.

Anyway, here’s Fat White’s new single on Hate Hate Hate, called ‘Touch The Leather’:

The band play London’s Electrowerkz on February 25 as part of the NME Awards 2-14 with Austin, Texas shows.