New Music Of The Day: Felix Pallas – ‘Similarities’

There’s nothing quite like Felix Pallas at all, really. Last two singles ‘Curse’ and ‘Rakata’ hinted at a band with plenty of ideas and swagger to stand out in the glut of steamy electro-pop right now – though ‘Similarities’ confirms that they’re truly a collective much more assured, unique and exciting than their rivals right now.

It’s their first single of the year and comes before they gear up for a slate of European festivals this summer. Pairing squelchy synths and a brooding rhythm, the Belgian group showcase Prince-esque falsettos while crafting a song that’s soothing at first, but comes with an added sprinkle of tension – “About a second chance, I’m not about to buy it/The water keeps on rising, I’ll leave a little bit of space“.

That, in itself, is a remarkable achievement, but it’s bolstered by the fact that it’s as wickedly catchy of a pop song as you’ll see all summer. Nothing quite like this one, that’s for sure.

Felix Pallas’ new single is out July 7 via Disco Naiveté.