Fever Ray – Otherwordly Ambiance From The Knife’s Karin

Here’s the inevitably chart-busting debut smash single from Fever Ray, ‘If I Had A Heart’. Hoho.

Whispertown 2000
Fever Ray, in, erm, some woods, we assume

Fever Ray is Karin Dreijer Andersson from Swedish cyber-ghouls, The Knife. She’s gone solo, taking the group’s unmistakable brand of horror-tinged electro-surrealism and sloshing it into a big, black cauldron with a healthy helping of 90s world-techno titans Sacred Spirit, and a glug of ‘Lord Of The Rings’ soundtrack-era Enya. Imagine ‘Pan Pipe Moods ‘set on the edge of a cliff in Mordor…

Ok, so it’s maybe not going to feature on Now 3987 (or whatever volume we’re on now), but you can’t help but admire the statement of putting a sleeping dragon of a track like this out as your first single. The album’s the very definition of ‘a grower’, the kinda thing Bjork’s being aiming at for the past five years.

Plus the video by Andreas Nilsson is one of the spookiest things since I saw a photo of that bird from the Ting Tings sans airbrushing.