Rising pop titans Fickle Friends on their vibrant new single and sold-out UK tour

One of our favourite pop newcomers, Fickle Friends, have just shared their banging new single ‘Hard To Be Myself’ – and they’re in the middle of a gigantic UK tour. It culminates in a huge show at London’s Forum to over 2,000 punters.

We spoke to singer Natti about the single, how the album is going and her pre-show nerves.

Your new single ‘Hard To Be Myself’ – what’s the story behind that single?

I think I turned up to a party at my boyfriend’s house once ans sometimes I get super anxious. It just hits at the most annoying moments ever, and it kind of felt like I just wanted to be someone else. It’s the kind of thing having a drink can help with, or if there is someone there who knows what you’re like, and knows you inside out they can be that ’emotional crutch’ for you at the time and can help you feel like someone else for a little bit.

How long did this one take to come together?

Sometimes things just happen really quickly. This is the only time that it’s really gone on for so long. I’m never a people pleaser with these kinds of things but it’s so difficult when the people around you are as passionate about the song as you are, it’s trying to find that balance. But eventually we got there – it clicked!

You’ve been playing some of these songs on tour for a while – do you have to work to keep it fresh?

I think that’s important with songs. We’ve been playing ‘Swim’ for four or five years now and we’ve always played it in the same way and we’ve never done it differently, but sometimes you need to refresh songs to keep it interesting.

How’s the album coming along?

It’s good. It’s kind of been a bit all-over-the-place working here and over the in the US. We’d never been to California before it started – it was totally new, it was super exciting and we were doing a bunch of our first ever writing sessions. We did one with Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy which was really weird and really fun.

Now you’re on this huge UK tour, how does it feel to be selling out show after show?

It is really mental, we’ve never done a really big tour like this, which is what you’d expect to be picking up fans for sellout shows. I didn’t have any expectations for this, so it’s been really overwhelming and super encouraging. I’m quite a negative person in my mind, I’m just constantly negative and I have to sit myself down and be ‘just focus on what’s great right now’, so the fact that this tour has been so amazing has been really good. It’s been a really slow build for us, which has been frustrating at times but it’s super rewarding

It culminates in a gigantic show at London’s Forum on Thursday – how you feeling about that one?

Absolutely terrified. I find as many things to worry about as physically possible. It’s like ‘how many people are gonna be there? Who’s gonna be there? What are the lights gonna be? What if something goes wrong?’ But I know that once we’re up there it’s gonna be rad. It’s no different than doing anywhere else.

Fickle Friends will play

London Forum (November 26)