Fiction – Holidaze Post-Punk

The shit thing about most post-punk these days is that it’s so dour and mopey, and that it’s all aping the exact same three albums from 1981. With such a relentless barrage of by-numbers revival bands between 2002 and 2006, now the slightest snifter of one tends to trigger some kind of involentary gag reflex.

See, two drummers. Told ya

London’s percussive jam-gang Fiction reimagine post-punk as something free and excitable -full of dazed, sunny charm- and featuring two ringleading drummers-cum-frontmen, propelling things into some kind of giddy kraut-tropicalia wonderland. It’s like Thomas Cook listened to a load of Wire and decided to concoct a post-punk solution for your summer holidays.

Fiction – ‘Big Things’