Fol Chen – The Audio Equivalent To A Kiwi Cooler?

So it was my first NME Awards last night. Still walking around with a vaguely unsettling inane grin across my face after sitting front row for Graham and Damon’s first team-up in ten years. I think it’ll go down in my top 30 life moments ever. After having to convince myself that it was just something that’d never happen again, it appeared like some quasi-religious apparition before me. I kept having to spin round to look at The Wombats table to remind myself that yes, this experience is still very much of this earth.
fol chen

So I’m sat here working my way through bumper pack of Solpadine Max and dribbling onto my keyboard after an evening of achingly by-numbers post-show liver-abuse. I’ve been stocking up on comfort food too. A full three courses courtesy of Marks & Sparks: cheese and ham baguette, millionaire shortbread, pecan slice, with a kiwi and apple cooler. Anyways, this really is digressing slightly…

The point I’m searching for here is that, to accompany this state, I have an appropriate soundtrack too. Comfort music, so to speak. The audio equivalent to a millionaire shortbread and a kiwi and apple cooler. What, dear god, could this be?

Fol Chen are a Californian lounge-hop combo who hide their faces in the press (maybe because they’re hideously deformed, who knows), conceal identities, but possess a member who used to play guitar with Liars.

Which is peculiar. Angus from Liars sings backing vocals on this track too. Curious. It’s cute, it reminds me of Len – ‘Steal My Sunshine’ and cheap white plastic chairs sat round an unkept pool out the back of some grubby LA villa in the middle of June.

It’s called ‘Cable TV’ and you can download it here for free.