Free Energy – You Thought You Knew James Murphy?

You know James Murphy, right? Focal point of LCD Soundsystem. DFA label boss. Rare groove ‘n’ disco-edit disciple. Crate digger. Sculptor of chilly, stark post-dance punk. The David Byrne for the DJ generation. Svengali to a roster of globe-spanning leftfield dancefloor mechanics.

There he is.


You may or may not have heard that he turned down being a scriptwriter for Seinfeld as the show was launching. Yup, apparently he almost went down that route. Funny guy, I’m told. Pithy Facebook status updates, I bet.

Has anyone else noticed though, that just after Daniel Bedingfield disappeared off the radar, after some ‘quad-bike accident’ a few years back (the most dangerous popstar sport) that LCD rocketed into the limelight far bigger than ever before with the Sound Of Silver album/tour…



Y’know. Just sayin… I mean, I’ve never seen them in the same place.


Make of that what you will.

Next thing you know he’ll be signing all-American drivetime pop-rawk to his label.

Oh wait.

Here’s a track off Free Energy’s new record on DFA. It’s called ‘Free Energy’ (click on the track name to download).