Freshers’ Week 2017 – this playlist will make you the new music expert in your new digs

Pre-drinks will never be the same again

As Freshers’ Week kicks off, you’ll no doubt want to provide your worth as someone who knows your stuff when it comes to new music. To save any embarrassing faux pas, we’ve got this fool-proof, banger-filled playlist that’ll stake your claim as the resident AUX champion.

Freshers Week: New Music to make pals

Want to establish yourself as the new music expert in your flat? This 10-song selection will sort that out in no time

Yungen – ‘Bestie’

Who: London MC with chart ambitions.
What it says about you: You’re ready, willing, and able to create a lifelong bond over a night on discount voddy.

Ecca Vandal – ‘Broke Days, Party Nights’

Who: Melbourne-based electro-punk.
What it says about you: A severe lack of student loan won’t stop you being the life and soul of the party.

Pale Waves – ‘Television Romance’

Who: Manchester’s next great indie band.
What it says about you: That you know exactly which bangers will be dominating your next indie club night. It’s this one, obvs.

Parcels – ‘Overnight’

Who: Funky Aussie band who’ve worked with Daft Punk.
What it says about you: That you’re the party-starting queen or king of your block.

Sigrid – ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’

Who: Norwegian pop newcomer destined to be a star.
What it says about you: A good time never ends when you’re about. Nothing will stand in your way. Not even that ghastly Freshers’ Flu.

A House In The Trees – ‘Tuesday Afternoon’

Who: South London woozy-pop collective.
What it says about you: Like any student, Netflix binges are a core part of you hangover cure. Come, join in.

Rejjie Snow – ‘Virgo’

Who: Irish hip-hop king.
What it says about you: That when the hottest hip-hop talents come through your student union, you’ll be right down the front.

Superorganism – ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D.’

Who: Bonkers pop-troupe from all over the globe.
What it says about you: You’re probably good for a Rick and Morty binge session on Saturday afternoon.

Jorja Smith – ‘On My Mind’

Who: Midlands R&B, pals with Drake.
What it says about you: From silky R&B to old-school garage, there’s not much that gets past you when it comes to brand new dancefloor fillers.

Lao Ra – ‘Me Gusta’

Who: Colombian-born, London-based pop newcomer.
What it says about you: Cheap cans are great, but you’re well up for some swanky cocktails should the opportunity arise. Turtle Bay, here we come.