From Free Energy To LuckyMe – This Week’s The Buzz

The Buzz is the magazine’s rundown of artists, scenes videos and events breaking forth from the underground this week

1. Shot By Kern
Shot By Kern is the most-watched show on Vice magazine’s online TV channel, and its first European series started this week. It follows arguably the world’s coolest pornographic photographer: punk-porn pioneer Richard Kern, who made famously rude films with both Lydia Lunch and Sonic Youth.

Episode one features The Big Pink/Comanechi/Pre’s Akiko Mastuura. “His pictures are nothing like other porn photography,” Akiko explained to Radar. “He can see the personality of all the girls in any shapes, any race and brings their beauty into his photographs. I never felt like I was doing a porn shoot. He’s a pure, real, amazing artist.”


2. LuckyMe
Glaswegians may mourn the death of Optimo last month but, thankfully, waiting in the wings were LuckyMe, Scotland’s arty-party saviours. The clique’s poster boys American Men are like a psych-disco odyssey being trampled into submission by a herd of Mogwai fans. Locals Rustie and Hud-Mo are also down for the count.

3. Free Energy’s ‘Bang Pop’ video
Watch this and realise that it’s been a very long time – well, since you first saw Grease, in fact – that you pondered how sometimes it’s not that creepy but actually quite fun to watch people in their thirties dance around pretending to be students at a ’50s rock’n’roll high school.

4. First Shows, L.A.
This writer’s first show was Mansun at the Brighton Centre at the age of 13. The FYF Fest clique in California are ensuring today’s youngsters have it better. They’ve started parties for three-to-10-year-olds starring the likes of Roky Erickson and Okkervil River. Upcoming events include Crystal Antlers.


5. Mz Streamz versus Gorillaz
One of the off-cuts lying in Damon’s Gorillaz stash tin is a mutant-B’more-style cut featuring Murderville (aka Compton) resident Ms Streamz. Her shrapnel-pinging verses prove that, while it may not be this month’s flavour, the city’s still a’raging. Check Streamz’s MySpace for a taste