From Ravestep To Nu-Goth, This Week’s The Buzz

The Buzz is the magazine’s rundown of artists, scenes and tracks breaking forth from the underground this week

1. Jai Paul’s ‘BTSTU’ demo
All Jai Paul’s mates in the Asian quarter of the Rayners Lane suburbia of west London think his music’s shit. No-one he knew when he was growing up was even that into their music. So Jai spent more time in his bedroom than most of his mates. You might say you can hear a certain loneliness on the demo that’s given ’lektro bloggers a reason to get up in the morning over the past month.

I doubt he’d go along with that though. “Don’t fuck with me, don’t, fuck, with, me”, mourn the opening a capella bars of neo-soul. He’s dragging Esser’s depressing one-man-band laptop-pop right into the rudest new chapter of UK bass culture’s evolutions

2. Wisconsin Nu-Goth
Zola Jesus is a true nu-school goth. So far removed from lace veils and taxidermy crows it’s unrecognisable. She comes from Wisconsin, where virtually nothing cool has ever happened. Yet she’s the most lauded proponent of a sound so trashily spooked and unflinchingly hip it’s charmed the first lady of electronic-doom Fever Ray.

3. Rave-step
You might worry that when brought together, ’ardcore and garage might not mix. But, oh ye of little faith! In a heart-warming show of raver unity geezers – namely the mysterious LDN duo Hot City and new king pin Deadboy – are donning an oversized T-shirt and getting all sweaty. One foot in the rave. Just for a bubble, like.

4. Tribes
Once Radar got past their promo snaps, it was evidently more than just Tribes’ nice complexion that got palms clammy and chequebooks rustling this month. Whether we’ll be looking back on their ‘Maccabees-do-a-Snow-Patrol’ shtick in eight months’ time and saying ‘good shout’ or ‘ewww’ – well, only time will tell.


MNDR is a canny abbreviation for her birth name Amanda. She looks and dances like someone that might teach your auntie yoga. She writes for Santigold. She sings like Cyndi Lauper. She writes songs about “falling in love to Black Flag” (see this month’s Radar Mixtape) and Chinese economics. She’s ace.