Gayngs – Minnesota’s Menace To Society

So everyone’s heard about Gayngs jamming with Prince at their record release party at his old club in Minneapolis, right? Well, check this week’s issue if you want the full lowdown.

Things seem to be taking shape for the Minnesota lounge-freak supergroup – albeit a pretty shonky one. When we called to hear his Prince anecdotes, ringleader Ryan Olson answered the phone to inform us that he was in his car, which was full of weed and cats and that he was being tailed by a police car.

Before Ryan assembled his Midwest collective that features –Megafaun, Solid Gold and Bon Iver, amongst others – he got into a fare few scrapes.

An artist’s impression. Not actual events

Here’s one choice tidbit: “”I’ve only been in jail once, but it was incredible how bad food can get there, it was insane. Cornbread coming in every form and texture you can imagine, all at once. I was in for weed – we got busted. That was like a little field trip. But I did get a chance to eat the food. It was surreal.”

Here’s an exclusive download from their current debut album: Gayngs – ‘Ride’.