Georgie on her journey from acoustic pub sets to support slots with Blossoms

Banging in goals as a highly touted football prodigy wasn’t enough for the teenage Georgie, and well before she could buy a pint she was touring pubs playing acoustic sets. Now 22, she’s supporting Blossoms and shaping up to unleash her blend of empowering British pop and old school soul.

Did growing up in The Midlands shape your 
early songwriting?

“Definitely. It’s maybe seeing that sense of wanting to get out of it, or maybe the sense of seeing people you really love struggling within it. There’s a real rawness to life in those mining towns, which is inspiring in a different sense for songwriting.”


You did a lot of gigging in pubs as a teenager – what was that like?

“I was so young that some of them I had to sneak into to play. Once, I actually had a history exam the next morning and 
I failed it because I ended 
up staying and playing four 
sets that night.”

Not only that, but you 
were banging in goals as 
a decent footballer…

“Yeah, my parents used to give me a pound for every goal I scored. But then I was scoring hat-tricks or sometimes eight goals and it went down to 50p, and then they said they couldn’t reward me anymore because it was costing too much money.”

Your first single ‘Company Of Thieves’ is a very defiant and self-assured song. Where did that influence come from?


“I think it is quite a defiant song, especially for women who’ve been in intimate relationships. Artists like Patti Smith, PJ 
Harvey and Janis Joplin were really inspiring for me as they also wrote those kinds of empowering lyrics.”

You supported Blossoms 
on their UK tour in December. What did you learn from that experience?

“It was nice to see different feedback from different crowds. You get 30 minutes to really make an impression; it’s an opportunity to convert them. Also, that it’s really hard to be healthy on the road! You manage to get through a crate of beer every night somehow as well 
– it’s like a magic trick.”

From: Mansfield

Buy: ‘Company Of Thieves’ is out now

Live: London, The Islington 
(Feb 24), Nottingham, 
Bodega Social Club 
(Mar 30), Glasgow, 
Garage Attic Bar (Apr 1)