Glass Animals Return With ‘Life Itself’: ‘We’ve Had A Mad Couple Of Years… We Got A Bit Feral’

When Oxford’s Glass Animals climbed the first few rungs of the music industry ladder a few years ago, even they couldn’t have predicted how high they’d eventually get.

A genuine big deal (for a new British band, at least) in America, they’ve shifted close to half a million copies of debut album ‘Zaba’ worldwide, and are now close to releasing the follow-up, which is called ‘How To Be A Human Being’.

It was inspired, says singer/producer Dave Bayley, from their own experiences on the road. He told us about the inspiration behind comeback single ‘Life Itself’, which went online last night:


“Do you ever play that game where you see someone on the street or in an airport and you start wondering who they are? Someone who doesn’t quite fit in, or maybe they look a little shifty. And you start imagining what they do, where they live, who they speak to. We’ve had a mad couple of years living in a bus, waking up in a different city every night, seeing and meeting all of these characters, hearing the strangest stories, and getting in trouble. Totally surrounded by people… It only seemed natural to write about that. ‘Life Itself’ came from that. A weird dude who cant get a job as he’s too odd. So he spends more time alone and becomes odder.”

Sonically, Bayley said that playing to bigger crowds – they’ve easily sold out LA and NYC staple venues the Wiltern and Terminal 5 – has changed Glass Animals’ sound for the better. “As the crowds got bigger, they got more feral. And we got a bit more feral. We reworked all of our songs into heavier, grittier versions. Now we’re pushing that energy into some of the recordings.”

Here’s ‘Life Itself’:

Glass Animals play London’s ICA on June 16, and Kantine Am Berghain in Berlin on June 20. ‘Life itself’ is the first taster from the band’s new album, which is due out this summer.

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