Goat Girl: the Brixton guitar gang on musicals, Britney Spears and the London sound

All hail the lo-fi urban country sounds from south London’s coolest gang

Let’s get the super weird name out of the way first. Brixton guitar gang Goat Girl are named in tribute to legendary comic Bill Hicks and his twisted alter-ego Goat Boy. “He was quite satirical and we also have a tongue in cheek way of looking at the world,” says singer Lottie, who’s releasing the band’s awesome, self-titled debut album alongside her comrades in twanging south London country scuzz rock; Naima, Elly and Rosy. We grabbed Lottie for a chat ahead of the record’s release on Rough Trade on April 6.

What did you bond over when the band first got together?

Lottie: “I remember watching Dig! So the Brian Jonestown Massacre was quite a big one and people like Silver Jews and the Country Teasers – when we heard them we changed our tune and how we were writing music. We weren’t scared of saying really outrageous things any more.”


Can you hear the sound of London in your music?

“Definitely. There’s social awareness and social commentary in our music because of the crazy town we’re living in.”

There are 19 tracks in 40 minutes on the album

“We had so many different ideas! We try and fit different things into one song, but it doesn’t work. Also we get quite bored! We recorded the foundations of each track in one day last summer.”

There’s a cover of ‘Tomorrow’ from the Bugsy Malone soundtrack in the mix…


“I think Bugsy Malone is probably one of the best musicals! It wasn’t a conscious thing – we were in the studio and I just started randomly playing these chords and singing the song over the top. We were also trying to cover Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ for a bit, but it didn’t ever come to a finish.”

The song ‘Creep’ is about dealing with a gross man on the train. Was that based on a real incident?

“Yeah, he was making me feel really uncomfortable but also it’s a song that says don’t be afraid – you can smash their head in as well.”