Good And Bad Surfing Music – The Drums – Free MP3

So surfing and rock’n’roll haven’t always been happy bedfellows, ooohhh nooo…

At the end of the Nineties, for instance, Britain witnessed a sobering time for the marriage of the two concepts.

It culminated in atrocities such as:

I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Sublime (shhhh!) so I’m not going to start hating on that, but safe to say, when things got dark they really got dark…

Taking leads from an altogether different pool of sand’n’sea influence -namely the early Sixties US nation-sweeping craze for surf-themed twanging guitar pop- are The Drums.

You see that in his hair right there? yeah? That’s breeze

They’re boney, wistful, attired like extras from the cast of Flipper, and offer a more intense hit of summer than falling asleep at lunchtime on a sun-lounger in the Bahamas, only to wake up to the smell of your own flesh turning medium/rare.

Anyways, there’s a ridiculous amount of buzz going round about these guys at the moment. Their first single comes out very soon through Moshi Moshi, but guess what? We’re about to give you it for free right now! But we encourage you to leave your festering bedrooms at somepoint to go buy the seven inch. It’s called, imaginatively, ‘Let’s Go Surfing’.