Like Bon Iver? Grace Gillespie’s delicate folk-pop ballads are just as devastating

As we launch NME Emerging – a platform where unsigned acts can build up and manage a profile page for their music, right here on NME – we’ll be shining a light on of the new profiles each week that stood out against the rest. If you sign up, you could end up right here on, just like this week’s pick, Grace Gillespie. Here’s what you need to know about them.

From: London

Sounds like: Stripped-back folk-tinged ballads that’ll appeal to all music fans.


For fans of: Bon Iver, Laura Marling, Pixx

Why you’re going to love them: We all love a song that makes you blubber, don’t we? The kind that pack the wisdom you wish you had and manage to sum up every emotion running through your mind at the time. You’ll be pleased to know that rising London singer-songwriter Grace Gillespie is actually very very good at these.

Uploaded to Soundcloud, Gillespie’s debut two songs “Restoration’ and ‘Everything (Nothing)’ are gems to behold – the kind that reveal themselves with each listen. And trust us, you will be listening over and over again.

‘Restoration’, in particular, is as heartrending as anything made in Bon Iver’s infamous cabin – but as self-assured as early Laura Marling. The ending in particular will leave a little lump in your throat, “will you be my restoration and let me be for I cannot breathe if you leave your love with me.”

Early days, sure, but with experience touring with Pixx over the last year, Gillespie looks poised to blossom into an intriguing talent.

Essential track: ‘Restoration’