Graffiti Island – The Coolest Band In London – Free Download

Graffiti Island are basically the coolest band in London right now. They’re the pinnacle of the blossoming no-fi scene that’s giving the capital its first taste of a good ‘ol fashioned proper DIY scene it has seen in yonks (there’s a big scene piece on all this hoohah in next week’s mag btw, plug, plug…)

They’re the coolest of all the other really cool bands they play with like Male Bonding and Pens, and those guys are fucking well cool, so, y’know, you do the math(s). Cool cool cool cool coooooool. And the cool we’re talking about here isn’t your common old garden fashiony, cliquey trying to be cool, it’s ya thoroughbred effortless, instinctive amazingness, so don’t get it twisted.


Which Graffiti Island member would you most like to have your wicked way with? Discuss. Left to Right: Conan, Pete, Cherise

It’s tricky pin-pointing their key area of subject matter inspiration, despite its clear thread. I’d say the same kind of stuff that would concern the plot of a late 60s creepy b-movie, but that’s an annoying way to put it: Wolfguys, Secret Caves, Headhunters, Bad Potions etc.

It’s mystical, esoteric, really funny and sucker-punch-smart. They love bands like the Beat Happening, The Vaselines, Teen Idols, The Shags, Aerial Pink, you get the vibe.

Anyways, their first seven inch is out soon. This song isn’t on it, they don’t even play it live anymore actually, which I think is a shame. It’s called ‘Wolfguy’.