Grave Babies – Proud Mothers And Eating Infants

We ran a feature in last week’s mag on Seattle band Grave Babies. They’re making clanging, dirgey music that’s half post-industrial, half-oily garage. It reminds me of a more viscous version of House Anxiety-era Big Pink stuff.

They have songs called things like: “Eating Babies’, ‘Gouge Your Eyes Out’, ‘Drugs’ and ‘Blood’. – click on those names to download their ‘Deathface’ EP.

So imagine my surprise when my office phone rang the other day and when I answered it was one of the Grave Babies’ moms, Michelle. Michelle was calling from Gulf Breeze, Florida, where they don’t really get any music magazines, let alone imported British ones. She was enquiring how or where she might be able to get her hands on a copy of last week’s issue so she could show-off to her friends about her son’s achievements, as any self-respecting mother would.

She mentioned how proud she was. But that there were occassional raised eyebrows when she explained their name and song titles.

“It’s ok though, I don’t mind. They don’t really eat babies,” she said.

We’re confident Michelle’s right. There’s a magazine in an envelope on its way to Gulf Breeze as I type.

We like this band so much we asked them to open upour party at SXSW this year,if you’re around Texas in march, drop by.

In the meantime here’s some exclusive demos from the boys:

Grave Babies – ‘Skulls’

Grave Babies – ‘Screaming’

Grave Babies – ‘Organs’