Happyness On Michael Rault And The Genius Of Club Gaga

In their regular column tipping new and undiscovered music for NME, London trio Happyness get weird about Michael Rault and big up cult US act Club Gaga

A brief history of ‘Nothing Means Nothing’, a song by Michael Rault, part of a tradition that starts or ends or is filled up along the way with: Brute Force To Sit On A Sandwich on Disc-O-Teen, Anthony Costa’s end-bulbs, Lemony Snicket (on screen and on paper), Carly Simon, The Mothers Of Invention, Monterey Jackson, Vonnegut Outta Here (?!), 2manydjs, Pop Recs 1 and hopefully 2, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Harry Nilsson at the BBC Television Theatre, Jeremy Sonnenfeld’s left hand (the one that gets less attention), hyraxes, b-roll, Emery’s Rule, William the Selfish Shellfish, the British Museum’s lost charm, ‘Map To The Stars’ Eddie.

I also wanted to say a few things about one of our favourite bands of all time – Club Gaga. They’re not new as such (they fit somewhere into the 80s Athens, Georgia thing), but they’re pretty difficult to track down (anything about them on internet has long since been buried by Lady Gaga fan forums) so the chances are they’ll be new to most people. As far as I know they only made one album, ‘Suburban Lake’, most of which you can pin down on YouTube via the {{enigmatic}} “TheForgottenMan” channel. Catch them live at the YouTube video ‘1984 Human Rights Fest Athens GA part1’. That’s all I know – use it for good!