Hear A New Side To Danish Punk On Yung’s EP ‘Alter’

“Forget everything you thought you knew about Denmark’s music scene.”

I started my review of Yung’s ‘Alter’ EP by saying that last week, and I still stand by it now. While I’ve got nothing against Iceage, Lower, Lust For Youth et al, it feels like many of Copenhagen’s best acts have taken things as far as they can. In a weird way that’s probably why Iceage’s last album felt so great – because it didn’t sound much like them.

Similarly, that sense of dislocation is what I like about Yung – to me they sound like the kind of band who should be playing some dump in Olympia, Washington, rather than the freezing Jutland coastline of Aarhus. What’s more, whereas most of the other Danish bands I’ve met have been pretty cold – both during interviews and onstage (which is fine) – there’s something raucous and fun about Yung. It’s addictive. You feel their perfect home would be onstage, at 1am, ripping some booze-flooded party to shreds.

The EP, out on March 2 here, shines brightest on songs like ‘Nobody Cares’ and ‘A Stain’, both of which swing like absolute motherfuckers. If Yung’s debut album is even half as good, they’ll do just fine.

Yung play London’s Old Blue Last on March 2, and support Metz at the 100 Club the following day. Pick up next week’s issue of NME (street date March 7) to read an interview with them.