Herzog – Didn’t Christen Rock’n’Roll

Herzog is part of the new breed of deliberately lo-fidelity activity rolling out from Middle America, like a familiar old snuggly -if occasionally a little itchy- shawl. Thanks to these lot the prefix ‘alt’ has suddenly received a new era of credibility, which, erm, is fine, I guess…

Possibly or possibly not Herzog

Like around 76% of the other decent threads of this -increasingly dubious metaphor alert- ‘lo-fi shawl’, Herzog had a debut seven-inch out on the boutique blog imprint -and Radar allies- Transparent. A split with Yuck, to be precise.

Herzog comes from Cleveland, which lays claim to naming rock’n’roll (via some radio DJ in the Fifties). Ironically -and by that I mean not especially ironically- Herzog’s take on ‘the sound’ is one of the least ‘R&R’ of this current crop. Rather, what he does is inflected with parched but radiant bluegrass.

Below is a Q&A we conducted with him, consisting of X3 Qs and, luckily, X3 As. Below that is an exclusive track he handed over, as ever, click the name to download…

What’s your favourite TV show ever?

Growing up, it was Mr. Bean. My friend Jim and I would watch it whenever we could. But as an adult, it would be Dexter.

What’s your favourite place to eat?

Angelo’s Pizza in the Slavic Village area of Cleveland; a lot of my fondest childhood memories are attached to that place.

What does a day in the life of Herzog consist of?

Cutting grass, depending on the season, watching movies, and playing music.

Herzog – ‘Static Shock’