Hinds (aka Deers) Interviewed: ‘Our Motto Is ‘Our Shit, Our Rules”

As of January 7, 2015 Deers have changed their name to Hinds.

“Let’s do the interview at our place! Bring beer!” Before we’ve even met, Hinds’ Carlotta Cosials has managed to perfectly sum up the spirit the Spanish four-piece have become renowned for. It doesn’t matter what they’re up to – a raucous gig in the middle of a chaotic European tour, or an interview on a cold afternoon in Camden while they’re still in their pyjamas – Carlotta and her bandmates (co-singer/guitarist Ana Perrote, bassist Ade Martin and drummer Amber Grimbergen) seem to be in a perpetual state of giddiness. In the past few months, everyone from Mac DeMarco to Palma Violets to The Vaccines have been found at their feet when they roll into town, and it’s easy to see why – their very presence seems to incite a party.

Hinds’ motto epitomises their appeal: nuestras mierdas, nuestras reglas translates, quite literally, as “our shit, our rules”. And they are most definitely a band who do things their own way. “We want to play the music that we enjoy listening to,” Carlotta says. “When we try to write a sad song we always have it going well for a bit, but then someone will come into the room and we’ll all start jumping around until it turns into a happy song. We can’t help it!”


Originally formed as a duo when Carlotta and Ana met through their ex-boyfriends, Hinds’ primary inspiration comes from scuzzy American outfits like the Black Lips (who they recently supported in London), but their history is largely steeped in their home city. “Madrid is our favourite place in the world,” Carlotta beams. It’s the city’s close-knit garage-rock community that provides the heartbeat to their energised lives.

“Barcelona is like the electronic music city of Spain, but Madrid is the place for garage rock,” Carlotta says. It’s a scene the band are heavily involved in. Ade hosts Pregaming Radio, and Ana and Carlotta seem to be permanently in tow wherever The Parrots – riotous garage rockers and elder statesmen of the local scene – crop up, from starring as trouble-starting schoolgirls in the band’s ‘Hello Stranger’ video to gatecrashing the stage and dancing with them at their first London show last September. With The Parrots’ Diego Garcia producing all of Hinds released tracks so far, the two bands seem to have a symbiotic relationship, and with a split seven-inch “vinyl of love” rumoured to be in the works, their close ties could be pulled even tighter.

“They’re our favourite band,” Carlotta says, laughing, “[but] every time we see our friends or other bands I always think that every single person is better at playing guitar than I am.”

“Our minds are better than our hands,” Ana says, referring to the years she and Carlotta spent as a duo, working out how to play their instruments. Their intrinsic charm and ramshackle nature has endured as the band have grown – anyone who’s seen them live will be familiar with the outbursts of giggling, beaming smiles and constant sense of elation that comes with the carnal mayhem unleashed by their rowdy, singalong lo-fi anthems.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan, Carlotta cheerily admits. “Usually we don’t do much drinking before we play, but in Copenhagen we weren’t onstage until midnight, so we thought it would be a good idea to get really drunk and see what would happen.” And while it’s obvious where this story is going, Ana insists on getting some photographic evidence out. Carlotta’s onstage, screaming, waving her arms above her head. “We were so drunk we started sliding around on our knees because our equipment wouldn’t work,” she explains. “We tried to come back on for an encore and we couldn’t even play the rest of the song!”


Hinds are a rarity in 2015. Their talent thrives alongside their sense of fun, and as a result they’re one of the first bands to come along in years who are completely, gloriously free of pretension. It’s little wonder they’ve already got rock’n’roll royalty taking a keen interest in everything they do – and you can rest assured that the party won’t be stopping any time soon.

Words: James Bentley

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