The Homesick’s Yala! session is a must-watch indie-pop joy

Check out two performances from the rising Dutch band

Yala! – the record label, club night, and live sessions series from The Maccabees‘ Felix White – has fast cemented its place as one of the most discerning entities when it comes to new music since popping up in 2016. They’ve already released records by The Magic Gang and Whenyoung, and had the likes of Catholic Action, Crows, Yak and many more put on thrilling shows for them.

The Homesick, one of their latest discoveries, is equally exciting. The Dutch trio make chiming indie-pop with see-sawing guitar lines and urgent vocals that make you feel like you have to do something. They stopped by The Drugstore studios in south London recently to perform the two tracks that make up their new single, and they’re a must-watch joy.


‘Gucci Gucci”s bright guitars are offset by singer and guitarist Elias Elgersma’s voice, which veers from rasped barks to melancholy sighs, like a young Morrissey without all the problematic baggage. ‘The Best Part Of Being Young Is Falling In Love With Jesus’, meanwhile, is taut and springy, bassist Jaap van der Velde and drummer Erik Woudwijk expertly crafting a strong foundation that lets one of the most unexpected choruses of the year fly, building in fervour as the song progresses.

You can watch both session cuts above and pick up the studio versions of the tracks on 7-inch here. The Homesick will be back in the UK later this month to play at Brighton’s Great Escape festival.