How To Stage Your Own Festival – By Sheffield Upstarts Wet Nuns

One of our favourite new bands Wet Nuns might be best known at present for having best mate Matt Helders introduce them at gigs, but it turns out they’re also master grafters – this weekend putting on their own festival, Detestival, in their hometown of Sheffield. “Along with our label, Throng of Nobs, it’s just another inevitably doomed way of trying to stave off the need to get a real job,” guitarist Rob Graham told us about the bash.

Here’s Rob explaining a little more about how the festival actually came into fruition:

“One of the best things about being in a band, along with substandard motorway food, unimaginable inter-gig boredom, fractured relationships and soul crushing financial sacrifice, is the opportunity to play alongside and witness other bands.

“We first thought about putting on our own festival last year, mainly so we could pass time in the van thinking of stupid names for it, we were going to call it Depressedival and book entirely shoe-gaze bands.


“We finally agreed on the name Detestival, and it takes place at Queens Social Club in Sheffield this weekend (30/31st March). Detestival is basically an incredibly selfish opportunity for us to put on what we think is the best line up of bands in the UK, every single band performing on the weekend we have either played with or seen in the last couple of years.

“We adore and hate every single band with a fiery intensity, they are all far too good and talented and we hate and love them for it. Now we have created an opportunity for us to play with them all, in the city where we have honed our sloppy talent.”

And here’s Rob’s guide to the bands Wet Nuns booked to play Detestival:


“A band that was featured in most of the ‘Bands to Watch’ lists over a year ago and instead of ending up overhyped and ultimately disappointing, they brought out one of the strongest debut albums of the last few years. I listen to this when I’m driving about on the moors in the fog late at night, it gets better every time I listen to it. We saw them at Hotel Vegas at SXSW last week and they were thoroughly captivating. Live they even exceed the record. I can’t wait to see them again.”

Wolf People
“We played with Wolf People last time they came to Sheffield. They were probably one of the first touring bands we played with who gave us the time of day and I guess we of took that away with us. They sound like they own every great fantasy novel of the 20th century and are all grand masters at Dungeons & Dragons. The fact is they write some quite incredibly well crafted folk/rock/psyche tunes and definitely know how to wig out live. I like to cook and listen to Wolf People.”


Hawk Eyes

“We’ve played tons of gigs with Hawk Eyes over the last few years. Most recently at SXSW. At our first meeting I solidified our burgeoning friendship by baring my arse in the background of their attempted ‘triumphant post-set photo’. Love hanging out with these guys, nearly as much as I love watching them tear through their heavy-as-shit live sets.”


“I first saw these gents play support for Moon Duo in Leeds just before I started to hear any hype. If it had been the other way around I might have regarded them with a shred of cynicism, but they absolutely tore it apart. Their clearly sixties-heavy influences are cited by many but rarely has a band nailed it SO well. ‘Shelter Song’ is probably the best debut single in years.”

Blood Sport
“We put Blood Sport on in Sheffield last year. They played none stop for 20 minutes, stopped to announce their last song, played it and left. They’re our collective favourite Sheffield band.”

Salem Rages

“Russ used to front a hardcore band called Cold Ones. They fucking ruled and I saw him climb all over venues all over the place, even out of the window into the street on one occasion. Salem are a little different and dare I say more refined than Cold Ones were but are all the better for it. Reminiscent of The Cramps, mixed with 60’s garage and (forgive me Russ and co) early AFI!? Which TOTALLY isn’t a bad thing AT ALL.”

Temple of Coke

“There’s nothing we could say that could illustrate why we love this band any better than by just watching this video.”


“These guys totally fucking rock. Watching Throne is like tripping out. Superheavy, superslow. Total stoned wigout music. Always mind-blowing live. They supported us at our last London show and it was genuinely annoying having to follow them.”

Throne on Facebook

Bo Ningen

“Hands down, one of the best live bands we (and you) have ever seen. These would have definitely been burned as witches in the Middle Ages. We played with them in Bristol and were genuinely thankful we went on a few hours before them. A brilliant original take on a genre that had serious potential for starting to parody itself.”

Dry Heaves
“A group made up of the Sheffield punk scene’s mainstay band members. No messing about, straight up, tightly executed hardcore. No bones about it these guys are a well-oiled machine. With a raging Israeli on vocals.”

Black Moth

“Black Moth released what I view as one of the most criminally overlooked hard-rock records of the last few years. The Killing Jar is AWESOME. You need to hear it and you need to see this band live. Each component rocks, great guitars, great drums and all fronted by the enthralling Harriet Bevan. An absolute hardrock power house. MAXIMUM RIFF.”
Kult Country

“Elegantly miserable Manchester guitar music from a band who were probably our highlight of last years Tramlines festival in Sheffield.”

John J Presley

“John is a man who knows his shit. You can tell by listening to him play and talk. He bought his Fender Rhodes organ from the Black Diamond Heavies and dragged it home, drunk, in the snow. Dark, driving blues rock and roll.”


“Hookworms are from Leeds, they are by far the best band we’ve ever loaded into Wakefield Town Hall too. Totally tripped out. A must for the gear heads. More tape delay than you could shake your dick at. Prepare to trip balls.”

Wet Nuns
“We fucking rule and everyone knows it. Catch the fuck up.”

Detestival takes place this weekend (March 30-31) at Queens Social Club in Sheffield. Tickets are available from the following outlets in Sheffield; The Great Gatsby, The Bowery, The Harley, The Wick At Both Ends, Record Collector, HMV Sheffield, The Old Sweet Shop