Hunx And His Punx – Gayrage Rock (Free MP3)

In the mid-1980s gay hardcore-punk fans started a cultural movement which revolted against the small-minded views of many in the hardcore constituency, it was/is called ‘queercore’. The general vibe was head-butting home as blatant a blast of their homosexual desires/lifestyle as possible, whilst keeping within the bludgeoning 3-chord template.

Twenty-odd years on, San Fran’s Hunx And His Punx are doing the same thing for lo-fi Sixties-bubblegum style garage rock. I’m not sure exactly how much poisonous discrimination there is that that particular scene, but any excuse to gay things up when it’s this fun and catchy should be cherished. In fact, I’m tearing up my heterosexual membership card as I type.

You may well recognise Hunx from the naughty version of Girls’ new ‘Lust For Life’ vid, as reported on NME.COM here.

Here are two exclusives off the band’s ‘Gay Singles’ LP which is available from their Myspace (The first one is my fav). Below that are a couple more of the superb DIY videos that they’ve put together. They kinda remind me of a cross-between early John Waters shorts and low-rent ITV after-school kids dramas…

Hunx And His Punx – ‘You Don’t Like Rock’n’Roll (And I Don’t Like You)

Hunx And His Punx – ‘Don’t Cha Want Me Back