Hurts – New Exclusive Remix

We’re basically bullying Hurts at the moment. We’re starting to feel a bit like sex pests.

They’re playing quite hard to get.

But, predictably, it just makes us want them more.

After pressuring them into their first feature last week in the mag, we’ve now robbed them of their blog remix virginity.

Exclusively, here’s a stream (like we say, they’re being coy) of Arthur Baker’s new remix of ‘Wonderful Life’:


And a reminder of that viral video taster of the original demo:

Signed to Spice Girls/Kylie/Little Boots collaborator Biff Stannard’s new Sony subsidary imprint, Major Label, Theo from the band told us at the Radar In The City party on Sunday that they’re just adding finishing touches to their debut in Sweden at the moment. As well as aiming to make a live debut by the end of the year – at the Radar Live new club night if we have our way. It’s a game of cat and mouse, folks. We know they love it, really.