In LA With Mika Miko

Last week I went to LA to interview the ace Mika Miko, it was wild. For the full story check out the feature in this week’s Radar as usual, but guess what? We only went all multimedia on your asses (note use of American terminology). I documented all my Los Angeles shenanigans onto my handy little Flip camera for you all to see…

After a day driving around Beverly Hills we were sick with jealousy and decided to go look at some awesome things we could actually afford. Here we are admiring a cake store window. It said ‘No Pictures’ but that’s punk rock for you, isn’t it?

Boobs! If I sound unimpressed it’s only because, being English, I find a pair of comedy boobs so overwhelming I’m terrified of losing my shit completely and laughing so much I start frothing at the mouth in front of some actual rock stars.

Then we went for Ethiopian food. There was a lot of it, and it got a thumbs up all round…

…except from me, because I’m fussy. I thought it tasted like coloured paper. But sssshhhh!

The guy with the rad moustache in the next clip is shooting their new video and has had the best idea ever. Dean from (the superb) No Age on the other hand, who’s releasing the new Mika Miko record, is more interested in eating more Ethiopian food. Barf.

When we got back to Mich from Mika Miko’s house the equally splendid Abe Vigoda were waiting for us. And there was a disaster brewing. Same shirts!

The plot thickened, were they separated at birth?

But they managed to reconcile their differences…

I seem to have lost all of the footage of the scraps with police and coke-fuelled orgies. Oh well, maybe next time.