Inheaven share ‘dark corner of our collective brain’ in new video for ‘Treats’

Prior to joining Blossoms for select dates on their UK tour next week, South Londoners Inheaven have just dropped a video for their typically massive new single ‘Treats’. Directed by bassist Chloe, it features fiery visuals, dancing cheerleaders and a Carrie-esque twist – here she describes the process behind that new video.

2016 has felt like a strange place to exist in. Living in a world that we didn’t say yes to, whilst the unrepresentative patriarchy becomes more powerful – this is truly terrifying. There are so many disenfranchised, scared, lonely people on this planet, and we are all looking for someone or something to show us a way out of this nightmare. Our generation has been let down in every aspect of what feels like a plutocratic system. Everything about our governing body feels like a lie. Major life-altering decisions were made without us consenting. ‘Treats’ was written in the wake of all of these feelings. This is us expressing our frustration in the only way we know how.

When we decided to make a visual for this song we wanted to create something that felt surrealist, that incorporated elements of Dadaism – we wanted to escape from 2016. We were inspired by many cinematic moments, from Salvador Dali’s dream sequence in Hitchcock’s Spellbound to the works of Dario Argento, Brian De Palma, David Lynch and Stephen King. We wanted this video to have the same disorienting feel as some of our favourite cinematic dream sequences; American Beauty and Mulholland Drive being great examples of this.

However, we still wanted to embrace that we are in fact making a three-minute music video – and the idea of directing a heavily choreographed dance section became very appealing. From Pretty in Pink to Pulp Fiction – all the best movies have great dance sequences. As a band we love to juxtapose dark and fuzzy imagery & sounds with the sickly sweet, and Treats feels like a complete representation of this. The demonic cheerleaders encompass all our darkest fears, and what better way to share these on screen than through the medium of dance. They terrorise Chloe who seems to start off as moral and good; she wants to tell them her concerns about the world, but they aren’t listening. She gets dragged into the fire and thinks it’s probably easier to just join them on the dark side than to keep fighting a lost cause.

All INHEAVEN visuals are written, produced, directed and edited by the band. All of the post-production and visual effects were completed in the back of a van whilst driving around Europe with Jamie T. We also enlisted legendary photographer Steve Gullick as Director of Photography, he helped bring our heavily stylised vision to life and it was an honour to work with such a painfully talented man.

We hope you enjoy this dark corner of our collective brain.

INHEAVEN – Treats (Official Video)

Music video by INHEAVEN performing Treats. (C) 2016 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited