‘It’s Amazing That This Is Our Job’ – Backstage with Music Go Music

We have declared the third week in September: ‘buzz week’, due to the proliferation of live UK debutants that made us go all tingly this year. So bringing this new inaugural Autumn period of new music toasting and rejoicing to a fittingly gleeful, warm-hearted close was the LA boho-Abba, or as they prefer to be called Music Go Music.

I’d been a fan of their other band Bodies Of Water for some time, and had never caught them live, so I was extra ‘amped’ about this show, as they say.

Now we’ve been hyping these guys up for some time. It’s great when a band comes along with a total vision. It’s even better when that vision looks like a Sid And Marty Croft Fairytale and the songs are born from the distilled nectar of the flower of perfectionist disco-pop nostalgia.

They played the ICA, which is notoriously unconducive to vibe-ification. But they handled it pretty well. It helped that they’d rented a giant golden Phantom Of The Opera mask and a giant sand timer as stage props, but the tunes sounded good too. Basically they’re the coolest wedding band that you could ever possibly dream of hiring. What’s more, they did it all absolutely live, which for a dance act in 2009 is a mythical beast in itself…

Here’s what ‘Warm In The Shadows’ look/sounded like live.

Here’s my chat with Gala Bell and Kamer Maza afterwards. In all honesty, one of the cutest dialogues I’ve conducted with a musical artiste ever (wait till the end). It genuinely left me feeling reaffirmed with life in general…