Jagara Channel ‘Deutschland 83’ On New Song ‘Let Me Go’

Earlier this year, the UK got a taste of German television drama with Deutschland 83. It tells the story of a young man who not only is coming of age, but is also sent to spy on West Germany as an Eastern spy. It’s thrilling, and the show’s lauded soundtrack featured icy electronica and synth-driven tunes.

That soundtrack is already influencing musicians: Jagara say their new single ‘Let Me Go’ took a healthy dollop of inspiration from the show. It’s evident in the London trio’s new song – here’s what the group had to say about it: “As soon as we started watching German spy drama Deutschland 83, we were hooked. The lead character’s struggle of being coerced into living the life of an undercover spy and losing his identity, coupled with a pulsating ’80s soundtrack was really affecting and having spent months experimenting with synths, we felt compelled to write our own song to mirror this story.”

Tonight the group will support Bastille at their gigantic show at London’s o2 Arena. Dan Smith of the group told us why he’s s excited for them. 

“I think they’re fucking great. We’ve known them for a couple of years. They’re great musicians – I love how their sound has changed and evolved over time. We’re just big fans. They’ve got brilliant voices and I love the slightly more electronic sound of their tunes. We’d love our fans to hear them and the opportunity to hear them live.”

The o2 Arena, London (November 1)