Katie Stelmanis – Fucked Up Geek – Free MP3

I’ve been a member of a few clubs, namely: The James Bond Fanclub, The Blur Fanclub, and a Christian after school club that I attended on Thursday evenings for about three years. My family weren’t in the least bit Christian, I was just forced to go to because my mum worked late that day and I’d ended up knocking about with a couple of Evangelist kids for some reason.

Katie Stelmanis, can’t name all the books of the New Testament though, can she?

One time we made light sabres by colouring in giant toilet rolls – I did mine blue to be Obi Wan. We were all having a big Star Wars ruckus, fighting it out, and in the heat of the moment I cornered this little nerdy kid whose constantly running nose had created a permanent red-raw patch on his top lip. I pummeled him until my light sabre was left crumpled and limp. It’s a memory that’s stayed vividly lodged in my mind. Not one of my proudest moments, mind.

Katie Stelmanis went to an after school club, of sorts. It sounds a lot cooler than mine. It’s called the Blocks Recording Club, a cooperative of artists based in Toronto, Canada. The guys from Fucked Up are like the Brown Owls of the place. Katie’s the snotty-nosed kid, kinda. Rather than getting beaten with giant toilet rolls she makes symphonies of coming-of-age sorrow with a teeny weeny keyboard. It’s pretty much the indiest thing in the world ever. Very good though.

Here’s her band new single, only for bloody free, it’s out through Vice/Loog very soon. Go buy one of the the seven inches.

Click the track name, it’s called: ‘Believe Me’.