Kindness – Dystopia’s Saviour

Kindness is a man called Adam Bainbridge, he lives in Berlin but spends quite a bit of time in London.

He makes music in lots of different styles. Some tracks sound like tortured, stalking disco-ballads, some is more no-fi soul, elsewhere its disheveled, haunted gutter-funk. He also likes covering television show theme tunes, like Eastenders and The Littlest Hobo. He makes his own videos and artwork and its all tied into his very focussed yet slightly unnerving master vision. All in all, Adam’s a really talented guy.

We’re more excited about Kindness than we’ve been about anything in a while.

Adam’s not mad keen on the idea of press, in fact he didn’t really want to do any at all. So yesterday I went for breakfast with him and over a Turkish pancake and a coffee we talked about ideas for his Radar photo shoot. We’re pleased to say he’s letting us do one (keep a look out, should be in two weeks time).

He also very kindly offered to record us a song specially to give away on this very blog. I suspected this may never materialise. Well, oh ye of little faith… At last night’s Girls show, he hands me a CD. I believe he’s calling the track ‘Bardens’. (Click on the name to download)