Kisses – Don’t Really Want To Bring Back Nu Metal

About a week ago I was at a party with a neatly-attired, toothy-grinned chap called Jesse. We were drunk and I started telling him my idea of starting a nu metal revival night in London. He was totally down. Before we knew it we were gushingly running through theoretical DJ set lists, dress codes, flyer designs et cetera, which we continued to do until the sun rose.

That’s Jesse there on the right

Aside from his inclusion of the ilk of Puddle Of Mudd amongst his nu metal playlists (a step too far, in my opinion) we got on swimmingly.

Soon after, Jesse sent me some of the music he makes with his gal pal Zanzi under the moniker Kisses. It’s like Erlend Øye in a maroon crushed velvet smoking jacket. He’s also in a band called Princeton who’ve been around for a little bit now, and head to these shores at the end of the month. We talked up putting our nu metal night into practice whilst he’s over. I wonder if he’ll hold me to it?

Below is ‘Bermuda’, the Kisses track everyone’s getting excited about in Blogland, and below that is an exclusive remix Jesse gave me of a track he did for the band Lake Heartbeat

Kisses – ‘Bermuda’

Lake Heartbeat – ‘Southbound (Kisses remix)’