Knightschool – Proper Indie In Hard Times

It’s a tough job being a ‘proper’ indie band these days. Check The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart’s feature in this week’s mag for proof.

I mean, the mega-mahoosive popstars don’t even have any dosh at the moment, so think of the poor ‘ol shmindie kiddies. I think that’s why all the cutesy flutter-gut ditties these days come shrouded in a comfort-blanket of fizz; these guys can only afford to mic their recordings up with headphones stolen from budget domestic airline flights.

Knightschool were one of the key acts that Pains tipped us as proudly carrying on their ‘proper’ indie baton.

Check that sweater right there. That’s an indie sweater and a half

Here’s their track ‘Pizza My Coat’