The devil goes pop! Check out LA’s spooky Satanists Twin Temple

You can’t go wrong with a classic love song. Los Angeles duo Twin Temple know this all too well, but have twisted the formula to create a love song dedicated to the biggest bad of them all; the devil. ‘Lucifer, My Love’ is the most devious doo-wop ballad you’ll have ever heard, out naughty-ing even Lana Del Rey’s doomiest tunes. “Lucifer, my love/The candles are burning bright/Give me a little death/Take me as human sacrifice,” sings Alexandra James, swooning over the man in black like The Love Witch meets 1950s jazz singer Julie London.

I may not be a virgin/But I’m saving myself for you.” This is music for turning the lights down low, sipping an old fashioned from a brass goblet, burning a bit of incense and slowly slinking around the living room in your best black lace gown. Alexandra and her musical partner Zachary – who’s also her husband – might be fans of the darker side of life, but they’re nothing to be scared of. Instead, you should be taking this pair in your arms and giving them a great big hug; they’re devilishly good.

Lucifer, My Love by Twin Temple

☨ TWIN TEMPLE is a Satanic Doo-Wop band ☨ “Like the Marvelettes if that group had pined after the blessings of Baphomet instead of the boy next door…Twin Temple is a heterodox generation of new self-d