For Fans Of: 5 rising acts you need to know if you love LCD Soundsystem

It's banger o'clock

It’s been a long old wait, but LCD Soundsystem‘s new album, ‘American Dream‘ is finally out. We bloody love it, by the way – it’s James Murphy’s most introspective record to date, but still packs some serious bangers. You know, all the qualities we fell in love with them in the first place.

Though, being realistic, it’s hard to know just when we’re going to get another record out of the group. It has been seven years since the last one, and the road to ‘American Dream’ wasn’t exactly straight-forward. But their legacy continues to inspire, and in these simply brilliant new acts – you’ll find much of the same cowbell-bashing spirit.

Park Hotel

Who: London indie-dance duo.
Why you’re gonna love them: The band have put their own spin on the ’00s NYC ethos, blending catchy guitars and whirling basslines with modern-tinged synths. Delightful stuff.
Essential tune: ‘Going West’


Confidence Man

Who: Eclectic dancing duo from Down Under.
Why you’re gonna love them: Their bonkers live shows frequently instigate good-natured dance-offs in the audience, but their breakout hit, ‘Boyfriend (Repeat)’s bassline is the filthiest of the year by far.
Essential tune: ‘Boyfriend (Repeat)’


Who: Parisian house collective.
Why you’re gonna love them: All the heavier, housier aspects of LCD’s new album can be found on DBFC’s debut ‘Jenks’ – which is jam-packed with big beats and deep grooves.
Essential tune: ‘Autonomic’

Sofi Tukker

Who: US dance duo who’ve already been nominated for a Grammy.
Why you’re gonna love them: Their tunes err more on the housier side of things, but are always offer a colourful, vibrant twist for your next pre-party playlist.
Essential tune: ‘Drinkee’


Milk Disco

Who: South London’s grooviest new troupe.
Why you’re gonna love them: ‘Welcome To The Milk Disco’, their currently only released single, is laced with so much cowbell that it could have sat nicely on LCD’s game-changing debut album. A dizzying dancefloor anthem-to-be.
Essential tune: ‘Welcome To The Milk Disco’

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