Legal Weed: Smoking In LA With Puro Instinct

This is one of my favourite new people in the world, Piper:

I just got back from Los Angeles, where I went to do a feature on their stoner indie culture (check next week’s mag). For those not up to speed: in California you can now get weed legally by visiting a specialist doctor and getting a certificate that authenticates your ‘medical need’ for it.

You then visit one of a growing number of ‘clinics’ where you can pick from a staggering array of the world’s finest skunk and hash. It has basically meant that every single band in LA are now total stoners.

It also meant, for me, spending three days in the baking sun getting really, really high and chatting shit with great people; a real tough gig.

Anyways Piper ended up being my stoney tour guide. She fronts one of the best new bands in LA, Puro Instinct, who you may or may not have known up until recently as Pearl Harbour.

When not sculpting the breaking frontier of West Coast dream-rock alongside her 15-year-old sister Skylar (aka the best new guitarist in California, according to most other LA bands we spoke to) she spends a lot of her time smoking weed.
Her DJ name is Heather Gram, geddit. She took us round town, stopping off at her favourite weed ‘clinic’, where we picked up three different types if the city’s finest hydroponic skunk, before going back to their place to smoke the fuck out.

She’s the best kind of stoner – really clever, funny, dreamy and creative.

Here’s some videos I shot on our travels:

Here’s us outside Piper’s favourite weed clinic.

You can only get into the actual weed lair if you have one of these medical weed cards, so I was left in ‘the waiting room’. It was a bit bleak.

Surveying our spoils. Look at the crazy little medical tubs you get it in.

Making a proper Cali-style blunt. For a Brit, this was genuinely like being in the outtakes from 1995 American skate video. Seriously, fuck tobacco.

After we had a smoke – I must note that Skylar did not partake, nor did she particularly approve – the band worked on some new material. I sat twitching on the sofa, morosely staring into nowhere and Google-mapping the nearest In-N-Out Burger.

Aside from all this stoner nonsense, if you haven’t already, you need to check Puro Instinct out at once. They’re all kinds of realness.

Here’s a couple of downloads I plucked from blogland:

Puro Instinct – ‘California Shakedown’

Puro Instinct – ‘Hubbsian Lament’