Like Kurt Vile and War On Drugs? Night Flight’s new EP is for you

London group Night Flight release their new EP ‘Carousel’ today, so we decided to have a little chat about their influences and what comes next. But first, check out their brand new video for the euphoric single ‘God Knows’.

Who are the band’s collective influences?


I’d say we have quite an eclectic palette but the main influences in terms of songwriting and arrangements stem from The Beatles, Big Star, Nick Drake, John Martyn, Neil Young and Dylan. There are just as many modern influences too including the likes of Kurt Vile, Angel Olsen, Kevin Morby and The War On Drugs.

What was the influence for ‘God Knows’ video?

We wanted something that captured the essence of the themes explored in the song – tunnel vision, naivety, fear of normality and failure. It was a long process in finding the right imagery and story that would achieve this but in Chris Thomas we found the perfect ambassador for the song.

How does the upcoming EP ‘Carousel’ differ from your previous EP?

Our debut EP Wanderlust was based around the idea of searching for something more, an itinerant sense of living. Whereas ‘Carousel’ is more mnemonic as the EP progresses, beginning with dogged conviction it progresses with a tendency to reminisce and ponder the past until begrudgingly resolving back to self determination, hence the name ‘Carousel’.


Describe Night Flight and your music in three words

Timeless evocative songwriting.

What is the band’s ultimate ambition? 

To be great. We believe, with the songs and abilities we have, we can become one of our generations great bands. There are so many things we want to achieve that it’s almost impossible to list. This is merely the beginning and we are invigorated by the journey so far.