Listen: 14 New Bands To Round Off February

This week’s New Act Of The Week are Pretty Vicious (pictured above), who last month were at the centre of the biggest record label scrum in ages. Four babyfaced teenagers who met in a field in Merthyr, stuck one song online and watched as swathes of London bigwigs trekked it up the M4 and begged to work with them.

Their music has an undeniable swagger to it, and the fact they somehow managed to get hold of the Sex Pistols’ 1977 Virgin record contract as part of their recent deal with the label (now Virgin EMI) only adds to the bluster.

Somewhat surprisingly though, when I saw them play their debut London gig last week as part of Roundhouse Rising, their songs had far more depth to them than I’d previously imagined. I’d guess they’ve been listening to a lot of AC/DC and Happy Mondays, rather than back-to-back Oasis – who they most get compared to at present.

Their interview in the magazine is suitably Gallagher-esque though. Sample quote from singer Brad Griffiths: “It’s about time the music scene had a good kick up the arse, because it’s fucking shit.”

We’ve been promised a new single from the band in a couple of weeks time, but before then check out ‘Cave Song’ below, along with tracks by 13 other new artists we’ve covered in this week’s magazine – including Lois (a tip to us from Hinds), Sitcom (described as sounding “like a fox running rampage in a teenager’s bedroom”) and Furs, who Gaz Coombes reps on account of them having “a dark, brooding rock’n’roll vibe”.