Listen: A Garage Compilation Of Some Of The Most Exciting Bands In Cornwall Right Now

In our DIY special last week, Laura Snapes visited Cornwall to investigate the burgeoning Falmouth sound – the result of creating a music scene at the very end of the country, away from any kind of formalised music infrastructure. On November 24, Easy Action records will release ‘Falmouth Sound Volume 1’, a compilation of three of the bands recorded live at DIY venue-cum-studio Troubador last December, which you can stream exclusively below, along with the Halloween-themed video for Lost Dawn’s new single, ‘Manchild’.

Calling the compilation ‘Falmouth Sound Volume 1’ isn’t an attempt to stamp a few bands’ identity on the town, but hopefully the first in a series that will document its diverse strains. Call this the garage edition: The Black Tambourines (pictured above) make raucous surf rock, The Red Cords are San Fran-frazzled and Lost Dawn ply desert-baked psych.

“The sound that many of the bands here have in common is that we all record on the same 1Ž4 inch Fostex tape machine,” explains Ben Woods, who plays in Lost Dawn and also rents a room at Troubador to record bands. “The music is certainly DIY, but I’m not aiming for that sort of aesthetic. I want things to sound as good as I can make them with the tools I have at my disposal. I think this is sort of the ethos of all our bands.”

Watch for new video for ‘Manchild’ below.