Listen to Sea Girls’ new “summer” banger ‘Too Much Fun’

Last week’s NME & 19 Crimes Winery Lock-In was a bit of a silly one. We had London band Bloxx get things off to a wild start with grunge-tinged indie, then Leicester’s very own Sea Girls came along, played their hits and danced on our bar. We didn’t chuck them out, but please don’t try this at your local club.

They were also nice enough to play us a brand new song, ‘Too Much Fun’ which is out right now. Kicking off with a Strokes-esque bassline, the song explodes in pure pop style – it’s a indie-pop banger that’ll dominate your festival season. Listen to the track below, and frontman Henry’s explanation below. 

Its stories from our youth essentially. with a love story thrown into it. Essentially it’s something that revolves around summer and has a dangerous twist to it. Someone crosses their friend – so it’s an adulterous love story.

Too Much Fun

Too Much Fun, a song by Sea Girls on Spotify