Listen: Yak’s Debut Song ‘Plastic People’ Justifies The Hype

Oli Burslem from London-based trio Yak might just be the best interviewee in new music right now. Aside from packing out the few shows they’ve done in the capital over the past few months and being the subject of various rumours flying around the net (namely that one of Yak moonlighted in Peace, and that Oli used to be in an amazing psych band who stuck one song online and then promptly disappeared from the face of the earth), there’s been next to no concrete information about the buzz-worthy band.

Until now.

This week’s lead Radar piece in the magazine has the singer chatting about flogging second hand furniture to Spiritualized members, setting houses on fire, jamming in London basements with Thurston Moore and coming from Wolverhampton (“one of the top five worst places in the world”), among other things. It’s a funny read and the perfect introduction to the band.

There’s also this – Yak’s first ever song online, ‘Plastic People’. It’s not set for proper release any time soon (you’ll have to wait until next February for debut single ‘Hunrgy Heart’ on Fat Possum), and we’re told it might not be online for very long either. So listen while you can – and if you’re in London catch Yak at the Shacklewell Arms on November 13.