Little Cub Indulge Their Inventive Side On ‘Loveless’ EP

The London trio have remixed their debut single in three very different ways

Did we really lose our hearts?” asks Dominic Gore on Little Cub’s debut single ‘Loveless’. Written about bandmate Ady Acolatse’s then-relationship, the track marries the idea of failing couplings and their effect on the people involved, with gleaming electronic pop that harnesses the sounds of artists as varied as New Order and British producers like Leon Vynehall and George Fitzgerald. Despite its subject matter, it still manages to provoke that wave of euphoria that comes from gathering in a club with a horde of like-minded people. After all, when life takes a turn, what else is there to do but lose yourself in music?

The song leads an EP of the same name, which is released today. The record is completed by three different mixes of ‘Loveless’, each showing a different side of the trio. “Our aim has always been to make direct pop whilst still managing to incorporate certain elements of dance music,” says Gore of the reasons behind the tracklist. “When you’re developing an idea there are so many places it could go that this EP gave us an excuse to explore some of those possibilities.”


So, we get the ‘Night Foraging Edit’ – sparser, skeletal, metallic chinks echoing like crickets in the night – and the ‘Wake Up Jack Edit’ – thumping, restless, robotic. Completing the EP is the ‘Sounds From The South East Edit’, nearly seven minutes in length and building from glittering synth arpeggios to something that’s driven by thwacking beats and the shadowy air of the hours after midnight.

Each version is wildly different from the rest, but each still bold and vibrant and worthy of repeat listens. It’s as if Little Cub have found a way of adapting ‘Loveless’ to fit a whole range of the huge spectrum of human emotions without changing its message or heart one bit. Listen to it above and catch the band at one of the below dates next week.

Little Cub will play:

Leeds, Headrow House (November 14)
London, Electrowerkz (15)


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