Teesside band Llovers make gooey indie-pop ideal for fans of MGMT

As we launch NME Emerging – a platform where unsigned acts can build up and manage a profile page for their music, right here on NME – we’ll be shining a light on of the new profiles each week that stood out against the rest. If you sign up, you could end up right here on NME.com, just like this week’s pick, Llovers. Here’s what you need to know about them.

From: Teeside

Sounds like: A colourful patchwork of rock, indie, pop and psychedelia.


For fans of: Tame Impala, MGMT, DIIV

Why you’re going to love them: All good things either start or end in McDonalds. The conclusion of your rancid night out, for example, often takes place at your nearest Maccy Ds. A health kick, more likely, is born out of a self-loathing at a fast food binge. But for Llovers, it proved to be the catalyst for the foundations of their new band.

Friends Jack Brooks and David Macnab (both vocals/guitar) formed the idea of the band while working in a McDonalds in their native Teeside. An escape seemed absolutely essential, and Llovers proved to be that outlet. They recruited pals Joe, Ben and Matthew to join the fold and a beautiful new adventure was born.

And it truly is beautiful. The band have found ways to dabble in straight up indie rock but smartly pair it with lush psychedelic tendencies. Take recent song ‘Just Lust’ which starts out like a more out-there version of Foals’ epic ‘Spanish Sahara’ and explodes in a similarly volcanic fashion.

There’s more straight-forward pop moments, like on ‘I Don’t Mind’ which fidgets with jagged guitar riffs and twinkling electro-beeps and ‘Feeling Sound’ feels like a shimmering b-side from French band Phoenix .


With four singles in the bag, and all the makings of a promising live show – Llovers have laid the foundations of something potentially brilliant. Who knows, maybe Llovers are the best thing to come out of McDonalds since the Chicken Selects. 

Essential track: ‘Just Lust’


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